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    As lifelong contributors to the Infrastructure and Excavation industry the principles of Premier Earthworks & Infrastructure, Inc. (PEI) have offered quality, integrity, value engineering and troubleshooting solutions to our Clients. PEI is an excavation, development, and infrastructure company that performs:

    • Turn Key Infrastructure Development
    • Mass Earthwork
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Water Main (Potable and Nonpotable)
    • Storm Sewer Piping (Including Curtain Drain, Under Drain, etc.)
    • Concrete (Structural & Curb & Gutter / Flat Work)
    • Road Prep / Fine Grading
    • Drilling & Blasting (Soil and Rock Stabilization)
    • Aggregate Production (Recycled Materials)

    As a company we have grown exponentially over the last 5 years by providing the highest quality product at a competitive price. Professionally we cater to every client with the highest degree of service and professionalism from start to finish. Our diverse client list sited in our reference page below provides new clients with the peace of mind that we offer impeccable quality and deliver on our promises of professional service. Making us the natural choice for all future infrastructure needs. We invite you to call our references prior joining the PEI team!

    PEI CORP (303) 993-6349