Project Details

Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board
Littleton, CO
Date of Completion
Phase 1 – Summer 2017

Project Description

This Project will take over 20 years to complete. It will eventually cover 3,400 acres and will be home to 31,000 people in 12,050 housing units. Additionally, it will have five elementary schools, a high school, and a building for higher education on 100 acres that are being set aside.

Sterling Ranch will soon be home to multitude of new residences with different home types, spaciously sweeping across thousands of acres of natural, preserved environment. Its nine unique villages will radiate outward from an amity-rich town center and grand civic gathering place.

Our Duties

  • Subdivision grading
  • Utilities
  • A 1.2-million-gallon water tank & off-site water line
  • Sewage lift station
  • Force main
  • Wastewater treatment plant improvements
  • An off-site storm water detention pond & outfall
  • Landscape & park improvements
  • Drainage channel improvements that lay the groundwork for a future earthen dam & raw water storage facility

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